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Listen in as Allison Breininger and Justin Bajema, millennial caregivers for their chronically ill spouses, speak honestly about what life is like when there are more days spent in sickness than in health.

Jul 9, 2024

Caregivers and their loved ones frequently have to revisit the same buildings and rooms in which they previously experienced traumatizing procedures, treatments, or news. In this episode, Justin and Allison share what this has been like for them and how they handle going back time after time.

Jun 25, 2024

All of the tasks of being a caregiver can take a toll, causing physical, emotional, and mental fatigue. In an unfortunate bit of irony, that fatigue can make the role even more challenging. In this episode, Allison and Justin talk about how it feels to be in an intense season of caregiving, the toll it takes, and...

May 28, 2024

Justin’s wife received unexpected test results that led down the path of scans, an appointment with an oncologist and a plan for surgery. In this episode, Justin shares what they’ve been through and what lies ahead.

May 14, 2024

Caregivers can experience frequent moments of disappointment, from plans that need to be canceled to treatments that don’t work to people not showing up when we need them most. In this episode, Allison and Justin talk about the types of disappointment they have faced, ways disappointment can be processed, and what we...

May 1, 2024

Caregivers and their families frequently find that well-meaning friends, family, and medical staff show up in ways that do not line up with the needs, wishes, and values of the patient. In these cases, it’s important for the caregiver to establish and enforce boundaries, both for their loved one and for themself,...